Mega Recruitement :: Petrochemical Company in Saudi Arabia


Interviews at Cochin 19th Nov - Para professionals

Interviews at Mumbai 22nd Nov - Para professionals

Interviews at Mumbai 23rd Nov - Professionals

Interviews at Chennai 26th Nov Professionals

Interested candidates contact:

Professionals : / 022 43471122

Para professionals : / 022 43471121

Requirements :

Professionals : with 8 yrs experience in Oil and Gas / Petrochemical / Fertilizer industry

Para professionals : with 5 yrs experience in Oil and Gas / Petrochemical / Fertilizer industry


Position Title Category
Engineer Professional
Analyst Professional
Engineer, Cost Control (C) Professional
Engineer, Environment (C) Professional
Engineer, Control System (C) Professional
Analyst, Safety (c) Professional
Planner Professional
Technician III Para - Professional
Process Engineer Professional
Planner Material Professional
Lead Engineer Professional
Engineer, Mechanical Professional
Chemical Engineer Professional
Engineer, Electrical Professional
Mechanical Specialist Professional
Engineer, Civil Professional
Engineer, Instrument Professional
Engineer, Rotating Professional
Inspector Rotating Professional
Engineer, Project Professional
Engineer, Mechanical Planning Professional
Occupational Safety Management  Professional
Engineering Management / Planner Professional
Safety Engineering Professional
Safety Management Professional
Industrial Engineering Professional
Mechanical Engineering Professional
Chemical Engineering Professional
Instrumentation & Control Engineering Technology Professional
Electrical Engineering Professional
Process Safety Professional
Process Safety Engineer Professional
Package Engineer Professional
Piping  Engineer Professional
Civil Engineer Professional
Technician, Escorting bl Para - Professional
Engineer, Rotating bl Professional
Engineer, Static Equipment bl Professional
Analyst, EHS bl Professional
Planner, Maintenance bl Professional
Engineer, Planning bl Professional
Technician, Rotating bl Para - Professional
Planner, Maint. PP bl Professional
Planner, Maint. MTBE bl Professional
Planner, Material bl Professional
Engineer, Process Engineering U&O bl Professional
Engineer, Process Engineering PP Bl Professional
Engineer, Sustainability & Energy bl Professional
Planner, Maintenance Scheduling bl Professional
Engineer, Cost Contol bl Professional
Technician, Analyzer U&O BL Para - Professional
Technician, Analyzer MTBE BL Para - Professional
Technician, Analyzer PP BL Para - Professional
Inspector, I&C Inspection bl Professional
Engineer, Insp. Mechnical Static bl Professional
Engineer, Electrical bl Professional
Engineer, Static equip. Bl Professional
Analyst, Finance (C) Professional
Engineer (C) Professional
Engineer, Turnaround Planning (C) Professional
Sr. Engineer, Routine Planning (Chem.) Professional
Scheduler (C) Professional
Analyst, Business Planning (C) Professional
Engineer, Civil (C) Professional
Technician, Electrical (C) Para - Professional
Sr. Technician, Mechanical 2-EH/DOP (C) Para - Professional
Technician, Mechanical 2-EH/DOP (C) Para - Professional
Technician, Mechanical Utility/PH (C) Para - Professional
Technician, Mechanical Ammonia (C) Para - Professional
Trainer (C) Professional
Engineer, Routine Planning (Chem.) (C) Professional
Scheduler, Turnaround (C) Professional
Technician, Workshop (C) Para - Professional
C-Engineer, Planning CMD Professional
C-Engineer, Machinery AED Professional
C-Specialist, Analyze/ Improve Professional
C-Engineer, Electrical - HV Professional
C-Engineer, Civil AED Professional
Process Engineer  Professional
Cost Control Engineer Professional
Sustainability  Engineer Professional
EHSS- SHEM  trainer  Professional
EHSS Incident Analyst Professional
SHE trainer  Professional
Pipe fitter Para - Professional
Carpenter Para - Professional
Forklift Opr. Para - Professional
Painter Para - Professional
Welder Para - Professional
Mason Para - Professional
Helper  Para - Professional
Plumber Para - Professional
BMS Opr Para - Professional
Electrical Tech  Para - Professional
Electrical Technician (LV) Para - Professional
Electrical Technician (HV) Para - Professional
Electronic Technician Para - Professional
Mechanical Technician Para - Professional
Electrical Technician Para - Professional
Material Engineer Professional
Catering QA Rep. Professional
Material Coordinator Para - Professional
Specialist, Procedure & Work Doc Control Professional
Engineer, Instrument & Control S. Cont  Professional
Contractor, Technical  Para - Professional
Specialist, Motor Cont.  Para - Professional
Engineer, Instrument Cont.  Professional
Planner, Maintenance Cont.  Professional
Instrument Tech. Para - Professional
Engineers Construction Professional
Inspection Engineer Professional
Inspector Professional
Instrument & Control System Engineer-Specialist SMP Professional
Project Engineer Professional
Rotating Engineer Professional
Safety Specialist Professional
Sustainability & ‎Energy Engineer Professional
Polymer Process ‎Engineer Professional
Old-Manual Process Engineer - OLF Professional
Old-Manual Process Engineer - EG Professional
Old-Manual Process Control  APC Engineer Professional